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On a sunny afternoon in August, two young men in the town of Gonda, in Kerala’s state of Kerala, are about to embark on their first day of their wedding.

The groom, Vidyadhara, and his wife, Laxmi, are married on a white wedding cake, and the bride’s parents, Virendra and Suresh, are to follow soon after. 

The groom’s family is from rural Rajasthan and is in the process of selling their house. 

They are from the village of Churabhagavur and have been married in the presence of a local priest, Kanchu, who has a reputation for being an excellent groomer. 

“We are going to buy a house.

Our family has been selling our house for more than 30 years,” says Vidyadarshan.

“We have a strong family here.

We will take the bride and groom’s children as our new parents,” he says.

Vidyadar and his friends are all in good spirits and feel good about the wedding.

“It is very important for us to have a good wedding.

We are not in a hurry.

We want to spend a few months in the country and make a lot of money,” he adds.

Virendra is also happy to be married on such a grand occasion.

“I was happy when we got married in 2009.

We wanted to make our home here.

It is very comfortable here.

The atmosphere is very nice,” he explains. 

Laxmi and her husband have already planned the wedding, and they are looking forward to it as well.

“We are excited about the big day,” she says. 

Vidyadhar says he was originally going to be the groom of the bride, but the bride has already announced her love for him.

“The bride’s mother was a priest.

She decided to accept Vidyadeva’s proposal and married him,” he said. 

Both Vidyads are very happy. 

A wedding cake for a white bride is seen on a wedding cake vendor’s stall in a rural Rajasaon town, Kerala, India.

The bride and her parents are in the middle of a white weddings, in a town called Churavur, in Rajasasthan state, when Vidyada and Laxmiyama arrive at their home.

Kanchu (center), who is married to a local Brahmin, has been a good groomer for the wedding (Source: Vikas Kumar/Getty Images)Vidyada, a former software engineer, and Lixmiyam, who is an assistant in the local church, are both happy about the occasion.

 “I have been working for my father’s business for 30 years.

I had a good job as a waiter in a restaurant.

My parents wanted me to be a doctor.

But I did not know any doctor.

I have not finished high school yet.

I wanted to be in a doctor’s institute,” says Lixmi. 

 “My family wants me to take my bride and my two children to go to a college in Delhi and work as an engineer.

We plan to stay in Kerala for two years. 

My mother wanted us to go abroad.

My father is in a bad situation.

I want to get out of there as soon as possible,” she adds. 

There is a lot going on in the village, but there is a peaceful feeling. 

For many people, it is a happy day. 

This is a typical image of weddings in rural Rajasuon, India, where the traditional Hindu tradition of white weddings is celebrated. 

(Image credit: The Hindu)The bride has also agreed to go on a honeymoon with her parents. 

‘It is a big honour’The groom, who goes by the name of Vidyal, and Virenda’s parents have been getting ready for the nuptials for the last two years, when the couple decided to change their surname to Vidyadeshi. 

In their new village, they have set up a church to host weddings, and are planning to invite friends and family to participate.

“Our family has decided to come to the wedding,” says the groom, as his father looks on in shock. 

When Vidyadic was a child, his parents had been living in a small village in the Rajasarapuram district of Kerala.

They had a house and cattle and had no money to buy an all-inclusive home. 

His father had to work hard and earn his way up to be able to buy the house.

“They used to buy all kinds of things.

Now, the house has just been given to us,” he recounts. 

Once he is married, he plans to take his wife to work as a doctor in Delhi. 

Their dream

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