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A wedding planner for the Vatican is making plans for Pope Francis’ trip to the United States this summer that are designed to look like the Pope’s plane.

The plan includes a wedding chapel, a reception room, a catering room, and a private chapel for the pope’s first official visit to the U.S. in nearly three decades, according to a person familiar with the plans, who asked not to be named to discuss sensitive internal deliberations.

The plan includes the use of a private jet, and the person added that there is no word on how much money the planner will make on the project.

The person said that plans are still being finalized and that they are working with the Church’s legal department to get the plan approved.

It’s not clear if any plans have been approved by the Vatican.

The Vatican said it was unable to comment on the plan because it is still being developed.

The planning documents were obtained by The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news website, and are not the official Vatican documents.

The documents were not made public by the Church, and Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the documents were taken from the Vatican’s official archives.

The Vatican spokesman declined to comment further.

The plans include a private plane, a wedding ceremony, a chapel, and private dining room, according.

The reception room includes a private elevator, and there is also a small reception room for the first few minutes of the visit.

The chapel is made from brick and covered with carpet.

There is a private balcony for the flight.

The private chapel is for the entire ceremony.

The ceremony itself is not required to be in the Vatican, but there is an additional ceremony for the final moments.

The person familiar said that some aspects of the plans are more formal than others, and that some of the planning materials are not finalized yet.

They are also working on getting the plan to the Vatican for the president, as well as the Pope, according the person.

There are also some issues with the plan that are still in progress, the person said.

The pope’s plane is scheduled to depart from Rome’s airport on Sunday, July 27.

There has been no confirmation of when that flight will depart from Dulles International Airport.

The documents indicate that the first plane of the trip will be a Boeing 767-200ER, which will be used to transport the pope to Philadelphia for the wedding.

The plane will be refueled on arrival, and then will fly to Rome for the ceremony.

The plane is also used to ferry the pope from Rome to New York City, the first stop on the trip.

The flight will not take place in New York, however, as the pope will have to use a plane in Washington.

The document says the pope and the first lady will stay in Washington, D.C., while the first-time couple will be staying at the Vatican and will then fly to Philadelphia.

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