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Nyloa Plano, Fla.

– With the weather still chilly, the weather is about to get a lot colder.

The forecast calls for snow in the area, but it may not be as much as in previous years.

The National Weather Service is warning of freezing temperatures with snow in excess of 2 feet on Friday.

Nyloa Mayor Donnie Hays says the city is taking the storm very seriously, especially as it is one of the few natural weddings that will take place in this part of the country.

The town is still dealing with a storm surge and is getting ready to take advantage of the opportunity to have a wedding there.

Hays said the weather forecast is so bad that it is going to be a challenge for them to plan for the weather and to make sure the town is ready for the ceremony.

Hays said many couples are preparing to bring gifts and other personal items, such as flowers, for the guests.

The National Weather Agency says the worst-case storm surge would be 1 foot on Friday night.

The storm surge is estimated to reach 2 feet.

The Nylola City Council approved a storm water advisory for Nyloka Beach, but Hays wants to be sure everyone is ready to attend.

“I’m telling everybody to be prepared for the worst, because this storm is not going to come anywhere near this beautiful place,” he said.

Hanes says there is a very small amount of flooding from the storm, but the city has a large amount of infrastructure to deal with.

The mayor also said the local fire department will be there for the wedding, and they are already working to keep the town stocked with supplies.

Nysa Mayor Joe Bruns said the storm is expected to pass through the area at around 3 p.m. local time.

Bruns says it is not clear if the storm will be a long-term threat, but that there is an increased risk of flooding.

The Nylosas biggest concern is that the storm could disrupt traffic on Nylolas roads.

Brons plans for the next few days are to have an increased police presence.

“We’re just trying to keep everybody safe and keep the streets open,” he explained.

Bruns said he will be working to get everyone ready to get the ceremony underway.

The city says it will be ready to open the streets to people if it is required, and Bruns is encouraging everyone to use their cellphones to keep an eye on their phones.

He also wants to encourage people to be aware of the storm.

Nyala Mayor David McFarland says Nyla is already in a great position.

He said he was in the community earlier this week to help prepare for the storm and he is optimistic that it will not be a major problem.

He says the weather system that we are currently experiencing will not last much longer.

“I just hope it is over before it is too late.”

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