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WEDDING PLANNING QUESTIONS & ANSWERS The questions you might be asking about your wedding are common.

But before you dive in, here’s what you need to know: 1.

What to expect during the wedding: Who can we invite?

Where can we have our ceremony?

How will our guests react to the ceremony?

What’s the theme?

Will there be music?

Will we get dressed in traditional white?

What kinds of drinks will be served?

How many people will be attending?

How long will it last?

Will people be getting married?

How old are they?

Who is the groom and bride?

What will they wear?

Will the wedding be at a private venue?

Will guests be invited to the reception?

Will a guest be wearing a veil?

Will they wear earrings?

How is everyone dressed?

What kind of cake will be prepared?

Will it be a traditional or a nontraditional cake?

Are there any rules for bridesmaids?

What types of outfits will be worn?

Will you be using the same attire during the reception as the wedding?

Will your brides dress differently?

What type of music will be playing during the ceremony and reception?

What is the reception menu like?

Will any food be served in the reception hall?

Will alcohol be served at the reception for the wedding ceremony?

Will anyone in attendance be wearing earrings or wedding bands?

What does the groom wear?

How are guests dressed?

Will someone be wearing jewelry or a ring?

Are guests allowed to be loud?

What color is the wedding cake?

How do guests present their flowers?

Will flowers be in full bloom?

Will floral arrangements be different for the reception and wedding?

How much will the reception cost?

Are we planning a large reception?

Are you looking for a different kind of reception?

Is there an extra cost for guests to bring flowers to the wedding reception?

How big is the bridal shower?

Are any of the guests invited to a private reception?

Where are the wedding ceremonies being held?

What are the dress codes?

Will everyone be getting ready for the ceremony by 9:30 p.m.?

Is everyone invited to come to the chapel or is everyone invited at home?

What services will be offered?

Are the services in English or French?

How well are we prepared for the event?

Will family and friends be attending the ceremony at home or at the chapel?

Will families be invited?

What guests will be able to bring?

Are they able to dress?

Will their children be wearing wedding bands or earrings and wedding bands will be tied at the wedding altar?

Will wedding guests have to wear earpieces?

How can we make sure everyone has a place to sit at the ceremony table?

Will parents have to accompany their children to the altar?

Are parents invited to attend?

Will couples wear head coverings?

Are couples able to wear wedding bands together?

Will all couples wear earbuds?

Is it a wedding reception or not?

Will brides be able bring flowers or do they have to bring gifts?

Will children bring gifts for their parents?

Will each couple be getting their own room?

Will kids be getting flowers?

Are siblings getting flowers for their siblings?

Is one sibling invited to be a brides maid?

Will one sibling wear earmuffs?

Is the groom wearing a wedding band?

What about the groom’s guests?

Is anyone dressed?

Is everyone wearing a ring or necklace?

Are kids allowed to wear headbands?

Is each family getting a separate room?

Can children wear ear buds?

Can parents wear earphones?

Will siblings be dressed for the service?

Are both families invited to go to the service together?

Is that where guests will meet the guests of the other family?

Can kids wear wedding rings?

Can adults wear ear earbud?

Is both families allowed to use the same shower?

Is a private shower or one with a shower stall?

Can you bring gifts to a wedding?

Are gifts allowed in the service room?

Is gifts allowed outside the service hall?

Is guests allowed in separate rooms?

Can guests have a place for a drink?

Will glasses be available for guests?

Are glasses required for the bride and groom?

Is glasses allowed in your reception room?

Do guests have separate bathrooms?

Is glass allowed in a guest room?

Are glass allowed outside?

Can there be a cake?

Will cakes be in bloom?

Are cakes allowed to have a different color?

Is cake allowed to vary?

Are different colors allowed in different rooms?

What happens to cakes after the ceremony is over?

Will candles be allowed in private homes?

Are candles allowed in hotels?

Are candle holders allowed in public areas?

Are people allowed to bring candles into private homes, schools, or churches?

Can people bring candles to a party?

Can families bring guests to the event together?

Are children allowed to come with their parents or have them wait outside?

Will tables be cleared during the event and guests are allowed to sit together in the center of the room?

Does the reception

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