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I don’t think I want to write this article because I don´t want to go through this process again.

However, if you know that you want to become a wedding planner and you want that to be the case, this article may be helpful.

I have a couple of reasons for that.

First of all, this is my first time writing about winking weddings, so I am a little overwhelmed with the information that is out there.

Second, the way that I see it, the best way to prepare for a wedding is to take it from there.

So, as long as you know how to prepare a winking wedding, I hope you can do it too.

The basics for a winky wedding: 1.

Dress in a casual way. 

Dress casually for a casual wedding. 

Do not wear a suit.

Do not make yourself look like a lawyer or a lawyer-looking guy.

Do NOT wear a jacket or suit. 


Wear a wedding dress or wedding veil. 

It is okay to wear a wedding veil if you want, but you should wear it when you are going to the reception.

It will make the whole process more fun.


Bring a gift with you. 

If you are planning a wedding and you do not have a wedding gift, you should bring a gift that you think you can use to give to the bride and groom. 

Bring something that the couple likes to wear. 


Bring something to eat or drink. 

I recommend a bottle of wine and a beer. 

You can also bring a picnic lunch. 


Bring some food. 

Don’t be stingy.

If you are not sure if a food is okay for the reception, bring it to the party, even if it means bringing it to your own table. 


Wear gloves. 

Use gloves for the entire reception.

If it is a casual reception, they can wear gloves to help you with your job. 


Bring an earpiece. 

A good earpiece will help you hear the music better. 


Bring your wedding photo album. 

Have a wedding photo book that you can wear.

If a wedding photographer has been shooting for years, they will probably have the perfect wedding photo. 


Have a calendar. 

Wedding photography is not something that you do every year.

It takes time and patience to get right. 


Have your wedding photos ready. 

Make sure that you are taking a good look at all of your photos before you get started. 


Make sure you have a budget. 

At first, the bride will have to decide what the budget is for the wedding, but after a while, she will be able to plan the budget of her wedding.

For this, she should get a budget planner. 


Dress the bride with some accessories. 

These include: • a dress (or a pair of slippers), • earrings, • flowers,  • a necklace, — or any other accessories you want. 

13. Have fun! 

This is a great way to make the reception more fun and exciting.

I know that there are lots of wedding traditions that are not the same for everyone.

So take advantage of them. 


Take pictures. 

Take pictures of your party, the reception and the bride.

This will help the wedding planner make sure that the party is all dressed for the day. 


Have cake. 

Get some cake and put it in the cake tray. 


Be friendly! 

I have to say, I love the idea of making friends with everyone and getting to know them in person.

I can also understand why someone might be hesitant about a wedding.

I have also found that having a friend help you make the cake can be really helpful. 


Make a list. 

This will help your wedding planner to help her organize the cake.

It is okay if you make a list, but don’t make it too long or you will forget it. 18.

Have some fun. 

In my experience, when you have fun, people who like to socialize are more likely to like your wedding.

If someone is having a great time and is having fun, you can get a lot of people together. 


Have good planning. 

Plan ahead and make sure you plan ahead to have a great wedding.

You will not regret it if you go ahead and get it all done.


Prepare for the ceremony. 

The groom should also prepare the ceremony before the reception is over. 


Have food and drink at the reception! 

Food is a big deal.

You should have plenty of food to share during the reception so that the bride can get some rest. 


Wear comfortable clothes. 

There are lots

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