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A wedding photographer in Tulsa was ordered to pay a $150.00 fine for illegally taking photos of a wedding ceremony and videography session, Tulsa World reported.

Shawna L. Bowers, 40, was convicted of felony trespassing and misdemeanor disorderly conduct in June for taking photos at the wedding of a former co-worker and her husband.

She was fined $125,000 in a civil settlement in May.

Bower admitted to taking the photos and providing the videography to an Oklahoma City attorney.

Barts attorney, Michael O. Suggs, said his client’s actions were not illegal and did not constitute intentional violations of the state’s trespassing law.

Baress attorney, John Sugg, told the newspaper that the photo was not taken with Bowers permission and that it was “a private event.”

He said he had no reason to believe Bowers was violating the law.

Oklahoma City City is about 50 miles east of Tulsa.

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