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If you’re in a big wedding planning project and the stress level is high, you’re not alone.

In fact, the National Marriage Project (NMP), a nonprofit advocacy organization that advocates for couples who want to wed, found that only 17 percent of married couples with wedding planning experience any stress at all.

This is especially true for people who plan their wedding in advance, since the process takes time and can be stressful.

That being said, the NMP says there are ways to reduce your wedding stress.

Here are seven strategies to make your wedding a success: 1.

Decide your wedding date and plan for a couple.

The more time you spend planning your wedding, the more stress it will put on your family and friends.

The longer you plan, the better your marriage will be. 2.

Set a budget.

Make a plan of your spending.


Know when you need to cut back.

If you are having an affair, you can limit your spending to three days per week.

If it’s a one-night-a-week affair, reduce your spending by a few nights.


Know what you can count on.

Be clear about what you’re getting in return and where you’ll be spending your money.


Take time for yourself.

Spend time with friends, family, and your partner.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a big party or a lot of people to attend.


Set goals.

It’s okay to say, “I need to be able to pay for this wedding” or “I’ll spend the night here and that’s okay.”


Know your budget.

If your wedding budget is going to be in the millions, set aside an extra $500 for your wedding expenses.

For more advice, see our guide to budgeting a big event.

If all of these strategies don’t work for you, consider starting with a simple, budget-friendly wedding, such as a small ceremony or reception.

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