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We’re getting our first glimpse at the wedding plane that changed our world: the Airbus A320neo.

The plane, which is the first to be built specifically for a royal wedding, is the brainchild of the Royal Dutch Airlines.

Built in the Netherlands, the A320 is the plane that took the world by storm when it first flew over the United Kingdom on a royal commission last June.

It’s a massive aircraft, with a capacity of 10,000 passengers, the largest commercial jet in the world, and a wingspan of more than 2,000 feet.

The design team behind the plane is an international team led by the designer of the Boeing 767 that powered the 747 airliner, and the plane has been named the A380.

The A380 is a sleek, sleek plane, and its design is nothing short of breathtaking.

Its wingspan is almost twice that of the 747, and while the A340 and A350 both have wingspan in excess of two hundred feet, the new A320’s is roughly half that size.

Its sleek, futuristic look was first seen when it was unveiled at the Royal Netherlands Airshow last year.

But the A321’s design, unlike the Boeing 747’s, doesn’t quite match the sleekness of the A350.

Instead, the plane looks more like an Airbus A380 than the Boeing 737.

The tail, the “wings,” and the nose of the plane are all completely new.

The new A321 will be the first of its kind.

The jet is designed to take off and land vertically, but it can also land vertically and on a tilt.

And because it’s a new plane, the design team has to make a lot of modifications to the A330s, A320s, and A320Es.

The company’s first plane to go up in flames was the 747-400, a Boeing 777-300ER.

But after that plane, we’re used to seeing airplanes go up.

This new A380 design is much different.

The first thing we noticed was the tail.

The original A320 had a thin, narrow, horizontal tail that could only be lowered to 90 degrees.

The longer, vertical tail is part of the airplane’s design.

In the new design, the tail is much longer.

The nose, too.

We also noticed the shape of the fuselage.

Unlike the 747 and 777-400s, which had wings that were essentially straight, the Airbus design has a curved wing that curves up and down.

The Airbus designers called the wing a “spiral wing.”

This is what we see in the photos of the Airbus’ new A330-300.

The wings are also much wider than the 777s, in line with the A370’s wingspan.

The fuselage, meanwhile, is much wider.

This is why, as the plane flies above a sea of blue sea foam, the engine in the left engine compartment looks like a jet engine.

That engine, the twin-engined A321, is actually a single-seat version of the 777-200ER.

In addition to the engines, the aircraft has twin turboprop engines.

The twin turbofans produce a total of eight thrust, or about 500 pounds-feet of thrust.

But while the engine itself can produce about as much thrust as a Boeing 747-300, it’s the turbofan configuration that’s going to help keep the A300s nose and wings from getting too hot.

The engines are also a big deal.

The turbofannes can produce up to 1,600 pounds of thrust, and they’re designed to be used on the A310 and A330, the planes that will carry the queen and the Duke and the prince to the royal wedding.

The big engines are part of Airbus’ “Efficient Aircraft Design” program, and we can expect the A360s engines to be bigger than the A319s, the smaller turbofanes that were used on many of the world’s planes.

The two turbofanchers, which can rotate up to 20 degrees, are located on the top of the tail, where the nose is.

The smaller turbopumps, located in the nose, can produce around 500 pounds of lift.

The powertrain is also very different.

In theory, the engines should be able to take advantage of the same type of fuel as the 737’s and the A-350’s, but the A355’s powerplant uses more propane than the 737s and A380s.

That propane is lighter, but in practice, it makes the A35s engine much more powerful.

The designers have to make compromises to get that propane, but they also have to tweak the engines to get them to take that propanol.

The bigger turbofanks, meanwhile (or, at least, the bigger ones that come with the larger engines), also give the engines an extra boost.

The result is a plane that is capable of breaking records

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