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A wedding- planning scheme that turns out to be fake is becoming more common.

And it’s not just for weddings, the BBC reports.

It’s for any event that’s not scheduled or booked well in advance.

A fake wedding ceremony might even be a new form of entertainment — or at least a way to make money.

A wedding planner can get a free day of work and free drinks to help them get through the event.

“You might think you’ve got a great idea, but you’re just making a little bit of a fool out of yourself,” says Stephanie Dickson, who is training to become a wedding planner.

“We’re not really good at making decisions for our own families and friends.”

A couple in their early 20s were planning a wedding, but the reception ended up going well.

The couple got a call from a wedding- planner saying the venue had a “giant wedding” planned.

When the couple called back to find out the venue was fake, the couple’s wedding coordinator was upset, saying the wedding had been booked months in advance and that the ceremony was cancelled.

The wedding planner had no idea the couple planned to attend, and the couple had to cancel the wedding in order to make it work.

“She told them, ‘We can’t have a fake wedding,’ and they said, ‘No, we can,'” says the couple.

“It was a nightmare.”

It turns out the couple didn’t know the wedding was fake.

“They said, `We can just change the venue,'” says Dickson.

“So they called the venue and they asked if they could have a different venue.

The reception had gone so well, and she was expecting to have a reception at their place, and that’s what happened.

They said, you’ve just given us an excuse to cancel.”

The couple cancelled the wedding, and now they’re looking for a different wedding venue.

They found out the wedding venue was actually a fake when a photographer posted a photo of the couple in a wedding dress on Facebook.

“He said, �This is my wedding dress for your wedding,'” says Stephanie.

“And I was like, `Yeah, I think that’s my wedding.'”

A bride-to-be from South Africa, who requested her last name not be used, says the wedding planner’s email didn’t even say that the venue could be a fake.

She says she was told the wedding would take place at a church in South Africa.

She also found out that a wedding was scheduled to be held in Australia.

“I said, “That’s not right, we’ve got to move.

“There are lots of people who will look after their family and friends, who will help them plan the wedding. “

A lot of the couples I talk to say they’ve found that they are getting a lot of good support through the fact that they can find somebody who is willing to do the job for them,” says the bride.

“There are lots of people who will look after their family and friends, who will help them plan the wedding.

But it’s really the job of the bride to make sure that she gets all the details right.

That’s what she’s doing, that’s the whole point of it.”

The fake wedding-prep site is also making headlines in the U.S.

A new law in Pennsylvania requires wedding planners to use “social engineering” to trick people into thinking their wedding is going to go smoothly.

It also requires a bride-chef to use a fake bride.

The website, which calls itself “the largest bride-prep website in the country,” was created in the United States to help wedding planners and brides.

The site features a slideshow of fake wedding photographs, a fake “Bride and Groom” page, and a “Bachelorette” page that features a photo taken in the home of a bride.

Some of the photos on the site are so bad, they are posted as a mock wedding.

A bride who calls herself “BrideshopBride” was recently contacted by the website and told the company she would have to delete all of her wedding photos.

She had to delete a photo from her wedding to the groom in Georgia because it showed her on a beach with her boyfriend.

“The pictures were so horrible, the groom and I were not happy about it, but that was the price of being on the Internet,” says BridehopBride.

“People were taking away from us and we had to move because of it.

The groom was devastated.

The bride had to put all her wedding pictures online.

She was so upset, she went back to her husband and said, “This is what happened, and you’re responsible for it.”

This is not the first time the website has gotten a bad rap.

I think it’s been very, very, distressing to people,” said the Drudge reporter, who

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