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WEDDING PROSPECTS The most common reason for not having a wedding is lack of funds.

A majority of women say they can’t afford to pay for a wedding.

And more than half say they would like to have a wedding, but can’t get a date.

Many people say they want to be able to have one and are considering getting married in a specific city.

The number of people who say they plan to get married, though, has dropped from an all-time high in March.

Many couples say they’re not looking for a big wedding, rather a special occasion, and they’re willing to compromise on the wedding itself.

A large majority of people, 59%, would rather have a quickie reception instead of a long wedding, as opposed to a wedding where the two people involved are married.

Women, by a much wider margin, are more likely than men to say they’d rather have the ceremony at home, and many would rather be able for a longer ceremony than to get it done at the same time.

But it’s not the same for men and women.

The numbers are reversed for same-sex couples: More than 60% of same-gender couples want a ceremony at a church, synagogue or temple, while nearly as many want to get a reception at home.

And a majority of heterosexual couples, including those who say the same-Sex Marriage Act makes it hard to get together, are in favor of having a reception with their partners at a restaurant, restaurant, movie theater or other place.

A few couples say that they’re just not sure what they want and are looking for something a little different.

A handful of people say that the reception will have to be at a special location, or that they want a different venue or location than what is traditionally offered in a wedding venue.

Many others say that their preference is to be in a hotel.

One person says that the wedding venue will be the church or synagogue, and another person says the wedding will be at an amusement park.

One in three couples, 34%, say they think a wedding at a movie theater will be less expensive than a traditional one at the park.

The average cost of a wedding in 2017 was $1,049, up from $1 to $1.75 in 2016.

A quarter of the weddings, 24%, are for the married couple, and the remaining 27% are for same sex couples.

Some couples want to take advantage of some of the benefits that can come from a wedding with the help of a friend or family member.

Many of the same reasons that are driving people away from a traditional wedding have also pushed them to consider doing a wedding as a family event.

More than half, 51%, of people said they want their wedding to be a family affair, with one in three saying they would love to be part of it.

A similar share, 23%, said that their wedding would be an event for their children.

And 40% said that they would prefer to have the wedding at their house, rather than a restaurant.

There are a number of other reasons people might be thinking about a wedding that are not the wedding planning part of the equation.

For one, most people are looking forward to the day when they can say goodbye to their partner.

The percentage of people in the survey who said they are ready to say goodbye at some point in the future has gone from 38% in February to 35% now.

And two-thirds of people are planning to attend a wedding they’re attending, and one in five have already booked a date to attend.

Many are also planning to visit a place where they can get a lot of fun and family-friendly events.

For example, a third of people expect to have fun in a park or park-like venue, and a third plan to do a dance recital, or a wedding rehearsal.

And just under one in four people, 23% say that a wedding should take place outdoors, compared to 24% who say it should be indoors.

There is also a trend toward people planning to do their own planning and deciding where they want the wedding to take place.

One-third of people plan to choose their own wedding venue, a trend that has gone up since March.

A third of them plan to have it at a hotel, up slightly from 22% in March and 22% now, while a quarter of people think a reception would be a more fun and interesting place.

Some people have had an idea for a venue, such as a church or temple.

Others are thinking about an amusement or a movie palace, and others are thinking of an outdoor wedding venue like a golf course or golf course with a pavilion.

People say they don’t want to sacrifice a big event for a small one, but many of them are willing to do it.

Almost three-quarters, 73%, of those surveyed would rather make sacrifices to get the wedding than spend the money for something else.

But a few people say

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