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The National Petco has announced plans to offer $25 million to support people struggling with depression following the suicide of a worker.

In a statement released Thursday, Petco said that its employees were affected by the suicides of six people on Saturday, including a pet-sitter and the co-owner of a pet store.

Petco said it was providing $25m over three years to provide psychological counseling to workers and their families.

PetCo said the money will help pay for training and counseling and provide “services to pet owners and their loved ones.”

The pet store owner, who declined to be identified, said he has struggled with depression since January and is planning to seek help for depression.

“This is not something that I could have ever imagined or dreamed of,” he said.

The company has been facing increased scrutiny in recent weeks over its response to the suicides.

On Monday, the National Pet Owners Association said it will ask Congress to pass legislation to increase penalties for pet store owners who keep their animals sick or injured.

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