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The wedding wire-procedure saga of Harry Potter and the wedding of his bride has been shrouded in secrecy for decades.

But now, as the star prepares for the big day, he’s revealing some details about his plans.

And if you’ve ever wondered why it’s so hard to get a good look at the details of Harry’s wedding plans for your own wedding, you’re in luck.

In his latest interview with ABC News, Harry reveals he’s looking forward to the occasion with a sense of excitement and excitement, because he believes that people will get to see what he has to say.

“I’m excited for it,” he told ABC News.

“And I’m excited because we’re having a real big wedding, we’re going to be married, and we’ve got a big day coming up, so we’re excited to do it.”

We’re just going to do our best, we really are, and it’s going to all be revealed and hopefully the world will be really, really proud of what we’ve done and be really excited to see it.

“In the interview, Harry also said he would like to see the wedding to be in Ireland, a move which would bring some relief to his Irish fans.”

Because we’ve just got one of the best locations for that in the world, it’s in Ireland,” he said.”

Ireland is a country I know a lot of people have said to me, ‘You mustn’t do that in Ireland,’ but it’s a really great place to have a big wedding.

“However, he also admitted that he’s a bit concerned about how the story will be told in Ireland.”

People will ask me, you know, what’s going on?

And I’ll say, well, it can’t be that way,” he explained.”

But I’ll be very careful to make sure that everything that’s going in is fair and true.

“So far, the only official announcement about Harry’s plans has been a small, cryptic video released in 2016 that included footage from the wedding itself, as well as footage from a photo shoot with Harry’s sister, who appeared on the show.

Now that the story has been made public, what else is Harry planning for the ceremony?

Harry has a few ideas, including whether or not he will be staying in a hotel with his bride and his bride’s friends, and if he will take a group of guests along with him.”

Well, I’ll take a bunch of people along, you see,” he revealed.”

It’ll be lovely, I’m sure of it.

I’m not going to change my mind, I love my life, I know I love it.

“I just have to be sure that the guests will be fine.”

But he added: “I’ll be doing what I can to be there with my wife and my family and my friends, but I think I’m going to get in touch with my agent and get all my friends together and then see how things go.”

But as far as the details that are going to go into his wedding are concerned, Harry doesn’t want to reveal much at this stage.

“There’s a lot to tell, it’ll all be covered in the press,” he confirmed.

“So that’s what I’m hoping, and I hope people are really proud.”

What’s next for Harry and his wife?

The bride is expected to arrive in New Zealand on August 16 for the wedding.

Harry said that he will then return to Australia, where he plans to marry his sister, to begin the formal ceremony on September 1.

Harry’s sister said she would love to have dinner with her husband and the couple on that date, but that she had other plans for the couple.

“You know I’ve been thinking about having a wedding and that’s why I’m here now, so I can have dinner and be with my husband, and just have a nice time with him, and then we can get married,” she said.

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