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An article published in this week’s Washington Post has the headline “Agile wedding planners and designers say it’s time to rethink the whole wedding.”

Agile design and design consulting firm Agile Bride and Groom is one of the first groups to make the claim.

The group argues that wedding planning should be about more than just planning.

And, they say, there’s a new era of “creative engagement” in which wedding planners are collaborating with designers to create new forms of engagement.

As part of the new engagement wave, they’ve teamed up with an industry leader, the Agile Wedding Design Network, to help guide designers through the process. 

“The Agile Wedding Network is designed to help you understand the challenges, risks, and opportunities that you face when building your wedding design portfolio,” the group writes.

“Through its online workshops, workshops and classes, it helps you understand what it means to be an Agile designer, and the tools and techniques you need.

The Agile Design Network helps you navigate the industry-changing challenges of creative engagement and how you can be part of a movement to transform the wedding industry.”

While it’s not a complete list of wedding planning tools, the list of topics covered in the Agilade wedding planning series includes:Designing for an event and event planningWhat does an Agilite wedding look like?

How do you get the best results?

What do you do if you’re not sure?

How to find an Agiliite wedding venueHow to use software and services to customize your wedding venue, venue selection, and wedding decorThe Agilasion wedding planning program provides a framework for designers to find the best wedding venues, to design, build, and sell their own wedding venue designs, and to conduct business in the online marketplace.

Agile Wedding Consultants and Designers also offer workshops and events for wedding planners to help them better understand the different ways they can create custom, agile, and scalable wedding designs.

The group has also developed a blog with exclusive content for designers, including a guide to finding an Agilianite wedding location. 

Here are some of the topics covered:How to work with an Agilarite wedding plannerDesigning and developing a business plan for a wedding eventDesigning a wedding photography shoot for an Agillianite eventDesigns and design an Agilingue wedding website, wedding planning platform, and business platformThe Agiliade wedding consultation program is available for free online, and for a limited time, it is available in the following languages:English: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

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