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You may have thought you were ready to win over your bridesgown-loving friends, but that’s not quite how things play out.

The bride-to-be has to decide if she wants to wear a wedding gown or a cocktail dress and what the wedding theme is.

You can’t just make the choice for you, says Elizabeth Smith, a senior lecturer at Birkbeck College London and author of the book ‘Wedding Planning Blues: A Guide to the Wedding Dress Game’.

You have to be conscious of what you want the bride to wear and make the decision.

You might choose a white dress, but you might also opt for something with a bold colour palette.

“It’s about thinking about what you think the bride should be wearing.

Is she going to be in a blazer?

A dress?

A blouse?

A skirt?

Is she just going to have the traditional wedding dress?” she says.

The key to your success is understanding what the bride will wear, Smith adds.

“I think it’s best to think about what her style will be and what her dress will be, and then what her accessories will be,” she says, explaining how to pick the perfect wedding dress.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to make sure you know what you’re looking for before deciding on the right wedding dress for you.

If the bride has never worn a wedding dress before, ask the reception staff for guidance on what a dress should look like and what to expect.

Smith suggests picking a dress that will not only be flattering to the bride but also to the other guests.

“If you want to look like you’re in a cocktail-dance party, you can’t do that,” she explains.

“You’ve got to dress like a bride.”

To make sure your dress fits the bride, check the measurements on the dress, and also ask the bride about what she would wear to the wedding.

Smith says it’s important to ask the wedding dress designer for a range of sizes to suit different brides and brides-toppers.

“She will be looking for a gown that’s at least 34″ to 36” in length.

Smith advises making sure the bride’s size is matched to the size of her body.

If your wedding dress is already made, it’s time to start planning. “

The dress needs to be tailored to the body so that the dress can be comfortable for her,” she adds.

If your wedding dress is already made, it’s time to start planning.

“Once you get your wedding planning set, you’re ready to start buying the materials to make your dress,” Smith says.

“Make sure you check the size and style of the fabrics you’re using, make sure that you’re buying a good quality dress fabric and make sure it’s durable.”

Dressmakers also recommend choosing a dress size that’s appropriate for the bride and her body, but Smith advises avoiding sizing down too much.

“In order to make a good dress, it needs to feel comfortable,” she advises.

“Your dress should be able to fit a size 14 to 16-inch waist and 16- to 18-inch bust, so if you’re ordering a size 12 dress, you may be ordering a dress with a bust that’s a size smaller than your size 14.”

It’s also important to check that the waist and bust are just right for you,” Smith adds, explaining the difference between a fitted bodice and a loose fit.

If it’s longer than the waist, you could end up with a loose skirt,” she suggests. “

A fitted bodysuit may be ideal, but it can also be a little too big.

If it’s longer than the waist, you could end up with a loose skirt,” she suggests.

“So, to give you an idea of how big your skirt should be, try measuring your waist to the top of your bust,” Smith advises.

Smith also suggests choosing a skirt that fits properly.

“Don’t go too big and too small, as that can make the skirt feel too loose,” she cautions.

“Try to find a skirt with a good fit.”

Dressmaking is also essential if you plan on going to the reception and the wedding ceremony.

“When you’re going to get married, the wedding gown is going to play a huge role,” Smith explains.

“The dress is going the way of the bride,” she continues.

“And when you have your dress made, you will need to dress it properly.”

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article Bridesmaid dress planning can be daunting for some.

“At the end of the day, if you can look at yourself in the mirror and think that you can wear your own wedding dress, then you

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