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Cheers: The cheerleader who won the hearts of thousands after her first wedding by singing the national anthem in front of the Queen in 2015 has said she has no plans to marry her husband, as she has yet to find the right partner.

In her first interview since the wedding, Ms Kallie Keay said she was “tired” of waiting and felt she had to get married to get to know her husband.

Ms Keay, 29, married her husband and their two children in April last year in the same village in NSW.

They had planned a day of festivities for the family with traditional dress and food but Ms Keays said the celebration was overshadowed by the wedding.

“I’ve been working a lot to get my marriage to where it should be and this is really where it needs to be,” she said.

“It’s just not something I’m going to do for myself.”

“I don´t think I will have a shot.”

Ms Keayan said her husband’s family did not accept her as a single person.

“We’ve tried to do everything together,” she told News24.

“So my husband and I are living together.

Ms Kays marriage to her husband of eight years, Mr Keay’s daughter, was also overshadowed by a ceremony in which the groom was dressed in traditional dress. “

But now the problem is, he can’t come with us because he has not found the right person.”

Ms Kays marriage to her husband of eight years, Mr Keay’s daughter, was also overshadowed by a ceremony in which the groom was dressed in traditional dress.

She said they did not want to be in the spotlight.

“The day after I was married, we got married and the day after that we did the wedding with the wedding cake and everything,” she explained.

“And the day afterwards I was having dinner with my family and I said, ‘OK, what do you think of that?'”

Ms KeAY said she did not consider herself a single woman.

“In my mind I think I’m single, but in reality I’m not,” she added.

“People are looking for something else.”

The bride’s parents were shocked by the news and told her not to worry.

Ms KALLIE: I don’t have any plans at the moment but we have been through so much together.

“If we don’t find someone who wants to marry me, then we will have to have a ceremony,” she recalled.

“That would be a nightmare.”

The couple were expecting their first child in October.

Ms Kasley said she had been a single mum before marrying her husband because she was worried she would not be able to support her family financially.

“You just feel like you can’t be a mother to your own children,” she laughed.

“When you’re in a relationship you don’t really think about the future but I know what I’m doing is good for my future.”

She said she found she had found a partner who would “make the difference” in their lives.

“They have the personality, they have a vision and they have the values,” she admitted.

“What I do want is to have that person in my life.”

Ms Kasay said her wife was not only her “hero” but also her “bargain”.

“He’s my hero because he gave me a chance and I’m glad to have him in my family,” she revealed.

Ms Kerley said Ms Keals love of singing made her decide to join her in singing.

“Because it is the most important thing in my heart, I really do feel that it’s something that will bring us together,” the mum said.

Ms Keely said she believed that the people who loved her best were the ones who were the most open to finding the right match.

“There’s always a lot of people who are looking to have their cake and eat it too but I feel like we have found the people that have the right kind of person in our family,” Ms Keary said.

‘I think I could be the first single mother’ Ms Keayers daughter, Jodi, has been a cheerleader for more than a decade.

Ms Kayley said the joy she felt as she sang the national song at her wedding in 2015 made her realise she had a future in the cheerleading industry.

“Being in the front row, it was amazing,” she joked.

“As soon as the song ended I started crying and I couldn’t stop crying.”

Ms Kerleys daughter said her mother was always supportive of her.

“She was always there for me and she loved me for who I am and that’s the reason why she is happy and she’s happy,” she shared.

“Even when she was a cheerleading cheerleader she would always say she was not happy with what she did but she loves what she does.”

The mother-of-three said the experience made her wish her children could do the same.

“To be a cheer-leader

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