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We are living in a time of unprecedented wealth and economic mobility, but not everyone is able to afford the most cost-effective wedding planning.

For the first time in history, there is a growing trend for couples who don’t have to go to the wedding market to save money on a wedding day.

A new survey from American Wedding Resource Group (AWRG) shows that over 50% of the couples surveyed want to save $10,000 or more for their wedding, and over 50 million people are expected to get married in the next five years.

We have a lot to learn from the data to help couples save money, but what is the most important factor to consider when planning a wedding?

This infographic from AWRG provides the answers to that question.

What are the key factors to consider?

When it comes to saving for a wedding, there are three main factors to keep in mind.

These are: Price: How much will your budget cover?

Cost of the venue: The location and size of the wedding venue.

Cost of catering and food: Whether it is an overnight stay, a traditional reception, or a big weekend, where the cost of the catering and the food will be high.

Cost to hire a photographer: What kind of work will you need to do?

Will you need a large wedding or a small reception?

Will your photographer need to have a high-quality background?

Cost to put on a reception: How many people will be attending?

Are there any specific requirements that will be needed to be able to host a reception?

How many staff members will be there to cater for the guests?

Do you need someone to help coordinate all the services?

Will guests be able access social media and information during the reception?

Is there a cost to hire security?

How much money will you be able afford?

Where will you rent a venue?

Will it be an apartment, condominium, or an office building?

Will there be food available?

Can you get a parking space?

Will the venue be in a busy area?

Will people be able get to the venue for the reception at a later date?

Is it affordable to move out to the neighborhood?

Will families be able make the move?

Will they have to pay for babysitters?

Will parents and other family members be able attend?

Can they have the space to move to?

How long will the reception be?

Can guests move out?

How far away will the ceremony be?

How close is the reception to where you want to have your ceremony?

Are you willing to pay more than $1,000 for the space?

Are your budget and venue budget estimates flexible?

Do guests want to be at the ceremony with you or not?

Are they willing to be in an area where people are going to be watching the ceremony?

Will children be able come out for the ceremony, or will they need to be on their own?

Will a large reception be an appropriate size?

Is the reception large enough for guests to move around?

Will large weddings be more than an average size?

Will big receptions be difficult to organize?

Will small receptions be an optimal size?

Does the reception have a big, busy area that you can’t park in?

Does your budget allow for a large area?

Do families want to come out and attend?

Does it need to accommodate large families?

Are guests and staff able to get out?

Can the guests leave without being in the area of the ceremony where they are going?

Will an extended reception make it harder for you to organize your event?

Do people need to leave after the ceremony to take a shower, have a drink, or just relax?

Is your party planning to have food?

Does a large party require a lot of seating?

Can a large gathering take place at a location that is not immediately accessible?

Is a party in a park or other public area accessible?

Do large gatherings have to be very small?

Do parties need to move or move in small groups?

Are the party space requirements flexible?

Are a large number of people going to the party?

Will any special needs require special accommodations?

Do special needs have to happen at a party?

Are special needs an issue for guests?

Can people who are blind, have developmental disabilities, or have health issues be present at the party if they need assistance?

Is an open house a suitable venue for special needs?

Are large parties an appropriate time for special events?

Are smaller parties a suitable time for parties?

Can there be a larger or smaller party?

Can smaller parties accommodate a large crowd?

Will couples who are planning a small wedding plan to have an open reception?

Are open house plans available for other types of weddings?

Do weddings require large amounts of money?

Do smaller weddings need special services?

Are parties for larger families an appropriate way to have parties?

Will smaller weddings be an ideal way to accommodate a larger crowd?

Can couples in large groups attend a large event?

Can parties accommodate large crowds? Can larger

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