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The National Geographic Society has launched a new study aimed at helping couples plan their big day, and one that has some exciting findings on the subject.

The study, titled Wedding Planning: How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding, found that planning a wedding can be as easy as booking an online booking, and even simpler than booking an event online.

The National Geographic team says the study, which is open to anyone and published on Monday, is designed to provide the best possible information for planning a big day in the United States.

“Weddings and ceremonies have become more and more important to people as we continue to live in an increasingly global and interconnected world,” said National Geographic Editor-in-Chief Chris Mooney in a statement.

“We’ve heard from a variety of wedding professionals and we’re excited to hear more about what works for you.”

Now, with this study, we hope to help people learn how to plan a big wedding that works for them.””

The vast majority of people who have tried to organize a wedding already know how to do it.

Now, with this study, we hope to help people learn how to plan a big wedding that works for them.”

In the study of 2,878 people who are married or in a civil union, participants were asked about their wedding day preferences, what events to expect and what services they needed to make sure the event would be a success.

The results were fascinating.

While planning the event online was the easiest, it was also the least effective.

The average number of people planning a first wedding is around 4 people, according to the survey, which also showed that more than half of the people surveyed planned a wedding but were disappointed with it.

This was particularly true for people who were not planning weddings themselves, and it was the most common reason why people were disappointed.

“Most people plan weddings in the traditional way, with a family, friends and a significant other,” said Lauren Kall, director of social media, at the National Geographic Channel.

“There are exceptions to that, but the majority of the time, it’s a one-person event, a wedding that the bride and groom both really enjoy and that they’re excited about.”

As with all the research, the survey is open and anyone can take part.

The survey also showed how easy it was to plan an event for a friend, spouse or significant other, and how much of an advantage a friend or significant person has when it comes to organizing a wedding.

The research found that nearly half of respondents (47%) said that they would be willing to host an event in their home or even on the same day with someone they were already connected to.

But more than a quarter (26%) said they would not even consider it.

“Many people want to help others plan their wedding, but they don’t know how,” Mooney said.

“In this survey, we’re trying to provide people with an insight into what they can do and how to take steps to make their wedding happen.”

If you or someone you know is looking to get started on a big event, you can sign up for the National Geo survey by visiting the National Geographics website and filling out the survey.

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